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On the Right Track for Over 37 Years

Electro Wire has been on the right track supplying wire and cable assemblies to the railroad and transit industry for over 37 years. Electro Wire customer service has established a reputation for quality unsurpassed in the industry, and our same day shipments of products like Exane® can be packaged to your requirements.

Call today to find out how Electro Wire can put you on the right track for all your wire, cable and interconnect needs.

Exane Rail + Transit Cable:
High quality cable for optimal performance

locomotiveElectro Wire delivers high performance rail and transit cable to major authorities around the globe. We are the largest stocking distributor of Exane®, the transit cable of choice used in over 20,000 locomotives worldwide.

Electro Wire offers complete power solutions—including signal, communication, wayside power, rapid transit, diesel locomotive, trackside and traction—to meet your rail and transit cable needs.

transitExane® benefits include:

  • Low smoke, halogen free insulation system
  • Flame retardant
  • Resists common chemicals and oils
  • Circuit integrity
  • Dual layer, high temperature transit wire
  • Ideal for high density cabling and harnessing requirements
  • Cut-through, abrasion and notch resistant

DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable

DLO is especially suited to supply power to traction motors of diesel-electric locomotives. It is also recommended as a portable cable for drilling rigs, on-shore or off-shore, railroad and transit car wiring, electric earth-moving equipment, in shipyard applications, arc welder supply leads, power and control jumper cable, telecom power supply and motor leads. The cable is suitable for use in wet or dry areas, conduits, ducts, troughs or trays, and where superior electrical properties are desired. The maximum continuous conductor temperature for normal operation is 90°C in wet or dry locations. DLO resists oils, acids, alkalines, heat, flame, and has abrasion resistance.

Electro Wire Divisions

  • Electro Wire Distribution
  • Electro Wire Assembly

Electro Wire Capabilities

  • Largest supplier of Exane® locomotive and transit cable
  • Cable supplied on bulk reels and cut to length
  • Custom cable assembly and small box builds
  • State-of-the-art process technologies and facilities
  • Specialized kitting and assembly
  • Full third party logistics and inventory management services
  • Trackside signal, communication and fiber optic cables
  • Custom dyeing and stripping available
  • Custom printed wire markers
  • Full EDI capabilities

Inventory Solutions

Electro Wire Specialized in Just-In-Time Delivery for Exane Cable

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