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miltary3'Electro Wire enables technologies across a broad spectrum of military applications. All of the wire and cable products from our extensive selection are designed to meet military specifications. Electro Wire supplies cable from multiple locations, so delivery is fast and efficient. Electro Wire has served the military market for over 37 years.

Military/Aerospace Certifications

Aerospace/Airframe Wire
BMS, M22759, M25038, M81044, M81381, M81822

Military Hook-Up
M16878, M13486, M5086, M8777, MS25471

UL/CSA Hook-up Wire
UL1007, 1015, 1061, 1180, 1199, 1213, 1371, 1422, 1423, 1429, 1430, 1431, 1472, 1569, 3173, 3239, 3265, 3266, 3271, 3289, 3292, 3317

Coaxial Cablemilitary
Mil-C-17, Minature, RG

Military/Aerospace Multi-conductor Cable
Boeing S280, M13777, M24640, M24643, M27072, M27500, M3432, M49055, M55021, M5756, MIS20054, MIS20184