About Us


Electrowire opened its doors in 1978, building its reputation on a commitment of respect for its customers. Early in 2014, Electrowire was acquired by EIS, Inc. and is now part of the Genuine Cable Group. Today, Electrowire continues its journey, providing the highest quality wire and cable products the industry has to offer. Electrowire prides itself on its close relationships with leading manufacturers. These relationships, and an investment in a robust infrastructure, has enabled Electrowire to distribute premium cable products like Exane® transit cable and TelcoFlex® telecom power cable.

Electrowire also has an in house contract manufacturing facility to further service our customers. Electrowire’s contract manufacturing facility, GCG Assemblies, gives customers the flexibility and expertise required to design, build and manufacture high quality assemblies and products for a wide range of applications allowing rapid response and full support throughout the product development cycles.

Electrowire is a UL and CSA approved facility, achieving multiple certifications that illustrate its commitment to quality and advancing technologies, including ISO.

Electrowire, A GCG Company, stocks and distributes an extensive selection of high performance products such as Exane® and TelcoFlex® wire and cable, and offers a full range of electronic wire and cable, shrink tubing, fiber optics, connectors and terminals. As the largest TelcoFlex® supplier in North America, our central office cable solutions power major telecommunication networks nationwide. Being one of the largest Exane® suppliers in North America, Electrowire is privileged to provide high performance rail and transit cable to both major transit authorities and locomotive and transit car builders. Electrowire also provides wire and cable for signal, communication, fiber and wayside power requirements. Electrowire is a full stocking distributor of military and aerospace specification wire and cable. As a wireless product distributor, Electrowire offers a full line of RF cable, connectors, jumpers and accessories. No matter what industry our customers represent—transit, telecom, military or wireless—Electrowire stocks and ships the wire and cable necessary to power these operations quickly.

Electrowire offers OEM/manufacturing, distribution and logistics services. The insight and experience gained distributing wire and cable since 1978, allows Electrowire to develop new solutions and processes incorporating lean manufacturing and green practices.

Exane® is a registered trademark of RSCC

TelcoFlex® is a registered trademark of Southwire