DLO is especially suited to supply power to traction motors of diesel-electric locomotives. It is also recommended as a portable cable for drilling rigs, on-shore or off-shore, railroad and transit car wiring, electric earth-moving equipment, in shipyard applications, arc welder supply leads, power and control jumper cable, telcom power supply and motor leads. The cable is suitable for use in wet or dry areas, conduits, ducts, troughs or trays, and where superior electrical properties are desired. The maximum continuous conductor temperature for normal operation is 90°C in wet or dry locations. DLO resists oils, acids, alkalines, heat, flame, and has abrasion resistance.

WARNING: California Proposition 65 – Cancer and Reproductive Harm.


  • Made in accordance with UL and CSA Standards
  • MSHA accepted (P-07-KA090026-MSHA)
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL listed as Type RHH-RHW-2 per UL 44
  • CSA Certified as Type RW90 1kV per C22.2 No.38
  • Meets FT-4 and VW-1 Flame Tests


DLO Cables are manufactured in sizes 14 AWG through 929.2 KCMIL with stranded tinned annealed copper. A paper or polyester tape separates the conductor from the EPR rubber insulation to aid in stripping. A black, heavy duty CPE sunlight resistant jacket is extruded over the insulation.

Rail and Transit

Exane® TFE Fluoropolymer
Exane®Transit 600V
Exane® 1068A-600V
Exane® 1068A-2000V
Exane®-15 1168B Multi-Conductor 600V
Exane® Case Wire
Exane® 15 Reduced Dia. 600V
Exane® ZH-1105A 600V
Exane®ZH-1105A 2000V
Exane®ZH-1105A 600/1000V Metric
Exane®ZH-1105A 1800/3000V Metric
Exane®ZH-1105A 1800V/3000V Metric


TelcoSafe® LIST 1
TelcoSafe® LIST 2
Intra-Bay Wiring
TelcoFlex® II
TelcoFlex® III
TelcoFlex® IV


Exane® RS-485
Exane® CAT 6 4 Pairs 24 AWG
Exane®Cat 5E 4 Pairs 24 AWG
Exane® CAT 5E 2 Pairs 22 AWG
Exane® MVB/WTB 4C 20 AWG
Exane® MVB/WTB 2C 20 AWG

Exane Compliance Certification

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